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About Tourism Solutions Group

Established in 2017 by Leigh Bennett and Robbie Cornelius, Tourism Solutions Group (TSG) operates as the rebranded entity of the Institute for Tourism Leadership Australia being Drellabe Pty Ltd. With headquarters in Brisbane and a regional office situated in the vibrant tourism hub of Hervey Bay, Tourism Solutions Group brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the tourism industry.

In addition to tourism/resilience leadership programs, we have delivered a range of tourism strategic development projects, industry development/capacity building projects, RTO/LTO reviews, and a range of business cases and feasibility studies for clients in both the public and private sector.

We project build project teams with TSG Associates to meet geographical and client expertise demands nationally.

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Our Services

TSG specialises in a diverse array of services to enhance the tourism landscape, catering to individual tourism operators, accommodation providers, tourism organisations, and governmental bodies. 

TSG focuses on:

Resilient Leadership, Crisis Management and Recovery:

Tourism Solutions Group offers specialised expertise in crisis management, fostering resilience, and aiding in the recovery of tourism sectors during challenging times. We have our own Regional Resilience Assessment tool to measure four critical elements of community resilience, then benchmarked to other regional Australia data. Our niche is Resilient Leadership programs that look to the future through advanced consideration of the impact a disruptive event may have  and the leadership capacity to cope.

Organisational Development and Capacity Enhancement

TSG offers organisational review and analysis alongside tailored, evidence based leadership and executive coaching.

Tourism Operator Business Analysis and Planning

The group provides meticulous analysis and strategic planning services tailored specifically for tourism operators, ensuring their business models are robust and adaptive to industry demands.

Destination Management and Planning, Consultancy and Strategy

TSG specialises in crafting comprehensive tourism strategies, destination management plans, feasibility studies, business cases, and project-based services, ensuring alignment with specific strategies tailored to destination/client needs, gleaned from evidence and data gathered in the region.

Tourism Product and Experience Development

We recognise that creating exceptional tourism visitor experiences is at the heart of a thriving tourism sector.  Our specialised services in Tourism Product/Experience Development are tailored to elevate your offerings, ensuring memorable experiences that resonate with your target audience. We use expert facilitation and stakeholder engagement to progress industry development projects, embracing collaboration at all levels including senior executives, frontline managers, staff, councillors, committees and boards.

Regional Engagement and Representation

Looking to enhance or contract the management of your local tourism function or create a Local Tourism Organisations? TSG assists in setting up LTOs or can efficiently manage your destination tourism interests. We understand and work extensively with local governments,  typically the core funder of local or regional tourism, acknowledging the need to balance community interests, alongside the inevitability of limited budgets and political pressures.

Tourism Solutions Group’s presence in Brisbane and Hervey Bay underscores their commitment to serving both urban and regional tourism landscapes, leveraging their expertise to drive growth and sustainability within the industry.


The Tourism Solutions Group team

leigh bennett - tourism solutions group

Leigh Bennett

Leigh is an experienced business consultant, an executive and leadership coach, board director and a former CEO, national HR Manager and educator. He brings passion and enthusiasm to his consulting, facilitation and coaching which is conversational, flexible, respectfully challenging and non-judgmental.

Outside of his consulting in the sector, Leigh knows tourism well. He has established and managed tourism and economic development departments, set up LTOs, scoped and built new VICs, led the redevelopment of the Hervey Bay Airport to jet capacity, securing direct flights from Sydney and winning Australian Major Airport of the Year in 2006. He has also been a director and Interim General Manager on Regional Tourism Organisations, and Interim CEO for a major Hospitality and Tourism business.

He is currently focused on strategic planning and organisational development, alongside leadership and evidence-based executive coaching. Leigh is a relaxed but expert facilitator, bringing a mix of humour, energy, profound workplace experiences and a drive to get the best out of people.

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robbie cornelius - tourism solutions group

Robbie Cornelius

Robbie’s career is marked by significant roles in managing and reviewing Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) and Local Tourism Organisations (LTOs), showcasing his expertise in the tourism sector.

In his professional journey, Robbie has served as Tourism Development Manager at Tourism Fraser Coast, Manager of Tourism at Fraser Coast Opportunities, and has held the position of Interim General Manager at both organisations. He also undertook a dual role with Fraser Coast Opportunities and Tourism and Events Queensland, working as a Destination Manager. This diverse experience highlights his capability in tourism strategy development and stakeholder management.

As co-founder and Director of Tourism Solutions Group and DR Tourism, Robbie has led numerous initiatives for the tourism industry’s development across Queensland. His work includes strategic planning, tourism reviews, industry development programs, mentorship, and securing funding for tourism projects. A notable achievement is his leadership in establishing The Tweed Tourism Company (TTC) through DR Tourism’s contract with the Tweed Shire Council, where he managed the strategic direction and secured a four-year contract extension up to 2026. TTC was recently recognised for excellence, taking out the GOLD award for Tourism Marketing and Campaigns at the 2023 Australian Tourism Awards.

Robbie’s expertise extends to tourism and experience development, with a focus on legislative compliance, lobbying, and stakeholder facilitation. His strong record in engaging with government officials and departments at various levels to obtain funding underscores his strategic approach to tourism development.

A key to Robbie’s success is his emphasis on building solid professional relationships essential for advancing tourism projects and initiatives. His strategic vision and leadership in the tourism sector demonstrate his commitment to enhancing tourism destinations, experiences and stakeholder collaboration.

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Sarah Elphinstone - Tourism Solutions Group

Sarah Elphinstone

Sarah is an experienced tourism professional specialising in project management, industry development, experience development, destination marketing and events. Sarah’s experience includes 16 years in the tourism industry, with over a decade delivering projects for State and Regional Governments.

In her position as a Project Manager at Destination North Coast NSW, Sarah was responsible for managing $1.2M of high-profile Grant Funded Projects supporting the growth and sustainability of tourism in the region. Key projects included the management of the North Coast Digital Refresh Grant, Northern Rivers Rail Trail Product and Experience Development Program, Business Accelerator Program, Aboriginal Mentoring Program and the inaugural North Coast Festival of Flavour. In June 2023, Sarah was also a proud judge for the North Coast Tourism Awards 2023 along with providing feedback to tourism businesses. Prior to this role, Sarah was a Senior Advisor in Experience Development at Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ). Sarah supported the development of TEQ’s Experience Framework and implemented the Best of Queensland Experiences Program to guide TEQ’s marketing and development activity. Sarah led the development of TEQ’s Great Barrier Reef Tourism Strategy 2018 – 2020, the strategic direction and deliverables for the Queensland Tourism Eco Plan 2015-2020, and the Queensland Tourism Asia Strategy 2016-2025. Additionally, Sarah has extensive experience in managing grants, delivering events and developing tourism development resources.

Sarah is passionate about the growth and sustainability of tourism and enjoys collaborating on creative tourism projects. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

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jen mulligan sitting on a couch holding an ipad and pencil looking at the camera

Jen Mulligan

Jen Mulligan is Tourism Solutions Group’s expert graphic and web designer with over 19 years of design experience.  With a family background deeply entrenched in regional tourism, Jen’s journey into design was influenced by her involvement in the family’s whale-watching business, where she managed their website, branding and provided marketing advice for over a decade. Jen also runs her own independent graphic and web design studio, Jen Mulligan Design, and prior to establishing her freelance studio, Jen also worked as a designer for Fraser Coast Tourism and Events, solidifying her passion for leveraging design to enhance tourism experiences.

In addition to her extensive design experience, Jen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Design & Marketing and an Associates Degree in Spatial Science (Geographic Information Systems), boasting 12 years of proficiency in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She has provided GIS services and cartography to Tourism Solutions Group, further enriching her expertise and offering comprehensive solutions to clients in the tourism industry.

Throughout her career, Jen has collaborated with Tourism Solutions Group on numerous projects across Queensland and beyond. Her design skills, coupled with her GIS expertise, have played a pivotal role in elevating the marketing efforts of various tourism businesses, demonstrating her commitment to promoting tourism and showcasing the beauty of her hometown, the Fraser Coast.

Testimonials from satisfied clients underscore Jen’s dedication to excellence. Whether it’s creating visually stunning websites, designing engaging reports and proposals or conducting extensive geographic analysis and designing informative maps with precision and creativity, Jen’s comprehensive skill set consistently resonates with clients’ needs and objectives.

Looking ahead, Jen remains committed to championing the fusion of design, GIS, and tourism, eagerly anticipating future collaborations that will continue to showcase the wonders of destinations worldwide.

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GAPDL - The Gladstone Region
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Case Studies

Tourism Solutions Group is fortunate to work with a diversity of industry leaders, ranging from Regional Tourism Organisations, Local Tourism Organisations, Councils and Tourism Operators. View just some of the results we have achevied for our clients through our Case Studies. 

Southern Great Barrier Reef Marketing Alliance Projects

Southern Great Barrier Reef Marketing Alliance Projects

The SGBR Marketing Alliance has been operating successfully for more than 10 years as a collaboration between GAPDL, Bundaberg Tourism and Capricorn Enterprise. The introduction of a new funding model by TEQ for RTOs from 2023/24 has led to an exploration and analysis of the potential for new ways of working between the three RTOs in a detailed report in mid 2023.

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Tourism Solutions for Isaac Regional Council

Tourism Solutions for Isaac Regional Council

The Isaac Tourism Trails project was a large, complex project with a very substantial budget and in a very diverse and large geographical area (about the size of Tasmania). It involved much research and analysis, and as well as identifying and justifying the Tourism Trails and rationale, included a Camping Strategy, Fossicking and Prospecting Strategy and Visitor Information Services Strategy.

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Tweed Tourism Company

Tweed Tourism Company

In July 2018, Robbie Cornelius and Leigh Bennett were a part of the DR Tourism team that was awarded a contract via tender by the Tweed Shire Council (TSC) involving the management of all destination marketing, industry/experience development, and visitor information initiatives for a 4 year period, commencing October 2018.

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